Save the Venice Post Office Task Force Resources

Join with these organizations and leaders who have gone on record to Save the Venice Post Office:

Free Venice Beachhead SPARC Venice Arts Council Venice Peace & Freedom Venice Chamber of Commerce
Venice Neighborhood Council Venice Town Council Venice Stakeholders Assn. Art Deco Society of L.A. Edward Biberman Estate
New Deal Preservation Assn. Los Angeles Conservancy Councilmember Bill Rosendahl Member of Congress Janice Hahn You?

Oct. 19, 2012 letter from VMPO Coalition to GSA and USPS

To Eric Radwick, GSA Office of Investigations; James Coyne, USPS Asset Manager; and David Williams, USPS Vice President Network Operations

L.A. Planning Department Communications

July 20, 2012 letter from City Planning Director Michael LoGrande

July 20, 2012 email from City Planning Staffer

Advisory Council for Historic Preservation Supports Preservation

July 13, 2012 letter advising USPS re: requirements and actions

Protest Prevails! USPS cancels June 22 “Mini-PO” Grand Opening – Picketing Postponed

APPROVED: June 19, 2012 VNC Motion to Petition Elected Leaders to Take Action to Retain Historic Venice Main Post Office and Those in Other Communities Across the Nation

Selected Supporting Documents for Proposed June 19, 2012 VNC Motion to Petition Elected Leaders to Take Action to Retain Historic Venice Main Post Office and Those in Other Communities Across the Nation

June 18: Notices of Intervention Filed with PRC re: Post Office Structure Plan to reduce hours

Sample1 Sample2 Sample3

PRC web site: Create account to file request for Late Intervention

Sign the Active Petition: Rep. Henry Waxman: Save the Venice Post Office

Write our Senators – ask them to intervene to stop the sale of our historic post office:

Boxer, Barbara:
Feinstein, Dianne:

Recommended SB1789 amendments (copy and paste into your email letter):

  • End the excessive and unique retirement health benefit pre-funding burden that caused the current USPS paper crisis
  • Recover USPS pension fund overpayments
  • Protect six-day delivery for its competitive advantage and to preserve timely medicine delivery, critical to rural customers
  • Prevent closures and relocations of small post offices by providing the Postal Regulatory Commission with binding authority to stop closures based on community and employee impact
  • Maintain First Class service standards for their competitive advantage and to keep open half of all mail processing centers
  • Enable USPS to establish new revenue sources, such as notary services, issuing licenses, serving state and local agencies, as well as recovering retired and previously prohibited revenue streams and services including but not limited to postal banks and secure digital bill payment.

Download a pre-addressed letter to print and send: Click here to download

Write Henry Waxman:

Rep. Henry Waxman, 2204 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC, 20515; (202) 225-3976. Online:

Send a copy to the Coalition:

Save the Venice Post Office Talking Points: Click here to download

Facebook page:

Reference article:…

Feb. 6, 2012 Inspector General letter: Brief summary of USPS financial status and pre-funding

National resources (“Save the Post Office-ipedia”):

Coalition contact:, (424) 246-8676

Click here to sign the petition

April 17 rally video coverage

Rally on Tuesday, April 17, 3 – 5:30pm, at Venice Main Post Office

February 18 rally video coverage

Rally to Save the Venice Post Office Saturday February 18, 2 – 4pm

The Postal Regulatory Commission has decided that deeply reduced services at Venice Main Post Office, followed by relocation of those diminished services to the Postal Annex, followed by sale of the historic building, is not a closure but a “service relocation.”

The US Postal Service does not plan to restore compliant services at the Annex. The Postal Service does not guarantee preservation of the historic building or its contents.

The Venice Main Post Office is the last WPA building in Venice. The downtown Los Angeles U.S. Courthouse and Post Office – designed by the same architect, housing the only other mural by the same artist – is in the National Register of Historic Places.

Our own Postal Service is selling our historic building! What’s wrong with this picture? What is the message?

What’s next? For more information, click here. And To sign the petition, click here.

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