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More Safety Questions Answered!

Posted on 05/09/17

Venice Neighborhood Council

A group of residents had specific questions for the Department of Transportation.  Lt Kimmi Porter provided information for each of them to solve their particular problem.

We need 4way stop signs on Linden and Palms. Very dicey making turns and poor visibility.
We need a keep clear sign painted on asphalt in middle of Lincoln Ave and Milwood and anther on Lincoln and Palms. So dangerous.
Milwood has poor lighting..only has corner street lights, two are needed in the middle of each block from 900 block-600 block before reaching Electric ave.
Alleys between Venice and California Ave need serious work in repaving.filling potholes does not solve the problem of bumpy alleys that ruin tires and hurt people with neck and back problems. 
We recently had a near fatal incident in our community due to the increased volume of speeding cars driving on Courtland between Lake and Rose. We have contacted the community officer Adrian Acosta and Juan, and Mike Bonin's office. Apparently the city will not fund a speed bump. Our community is willing to pay for it. What is the next step for doing this ourselves? We are also interested in a stop sign on Rose and Courtland.  We need this safety issue addressed before someone gets killed. 
The intersection of Lincoln and Venice is routinely blocked by drivers unable to clear the intersection due to traffic. In addition, drivers continue to cross the intersection after the light has been red for 5 seconds or more. This is a huge safety issue for kids going to school. Is there any plan for a police presence during rush hours to help address this issue? 
I would like to know how to go about getting a crosswalk and/or pedestrian light installed at the corner of Garfield and Abbot Kinney. At the VERY least there should be better signage and a painted walkway between the curb cutouts on Abbot Kinney.  There are 3 schools on this block (one preschool and 2 elementary schools) and children are often being dropped off or loaded into cars. This corner is very unsafe currently, and I want to know how we can improve this corner. What is the process and what can I do? 

Regarding the stakeholders request for DOT, MyLadot is the best mechanism to start with.  It will track their request and auto respond with updates.  Here is the link:
The requester can also follow up by speaking with a live person at the Western District Office 


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