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Posted on 05/02/17

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After soliciting questions for last week's Public Safety Townhall, we were able to incorporate many of them in our moderated discussions.
Below are two questions that were submitted that we could not include.  Both have been answered by Detective Robyn Salazar.

"My new fence, less than a week old, was vandalized last night. I'm on Brooks Avenue and Main Street. Appears to be a tag name of some sort. I want to make a police report because I've invested serious money into my home and now I need to pay to clean it up. I've been on hold with LAPD for over an hour, apparently no one seems to care about vandalism to property owners.  Is there another way to report this? I know there are city funds for this but has anyone ever used them? It's the beginning of summer and I feel like this is going to keep happening. So disappointing."

I am sorry about your fence, and I am sorry that you were on hold so long.  Please know that our officers do care.  We are just terribly understaffed.  If you need to make any reports in the future, you can do so on -

"Who I can talk to about shady activity at a house on my street in President's Row.  I've been in Venice 14+ years so typical stuff doesn't spook me.  Can you point me in the right direction?"

If the activity involves the possible selling and/or using of narcotics, our Narcotics Detective Supervisor is Detective Spitz.  His email is  If the activity is gang related, you can reach out to Detective Campos at   If it is anything else, your Senior Lead Officer (SLO) should be able to help.  You can call 310 482-6335 and ask which SLO is assigned to your area.

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