Administrative Committee Meeting

03/10/2008 - 7:00pm
03/10/2008 - 9:00pm

Administrative Committee Meeting Agenda
Extra Space Storage, Presidents Row Room
658 South Venice Blvd, Venice, 90291
Monday, March 10, 2008 at 7:00 PM

Note: The Administrative Committee does not address or consider the merits of proposed agenda items. Its function is to determine whether a proposed agenda item will be placed on the next Board Meeting agenda, postponed, referred to a specific committee for review and recommendation, treated as an announcement, or considered and resolved as a non-Board administrative matter.

1. Call to Order and Roll Call

Also Attending:

2. Approval of the Agenda

3. Approval of any outstanding Administrative Committee minutes submitted by the Secretary

February 11, 2008 Administrative Committee Meeting Minutes

4. Announcements & Public Comment on items not on the Agenda (15 min, no more than 2 minutes per person)

5. Old Business

A Phil Raider (310-399-4449; Can members of the VNC request to be on a list to automatically receive agendas for committee meetings. If our website doesn’t offer this option can the VNC send agendas for the Board and LUPC meetings automatically. I know this could become email overkill but I’m certain it would boost attendance.

B Challis Macpherson (310-822-1729; Requests replacement for her to represent the VNC at: (i) LANNC; and (ii) LADWP/MOU Oversight Committee. She notes service for over a year and now has no time to continue in these roles.

6. New Business [considered to be administrative matters not requiring Board review]

A Secretary Notes:

o Richard Myers: Phone calls & emails from stakeholders – update the process?
o LUPC/Board vacancies: registration of stakeholders wishing to be considered.

B Yolanda Gonzalez (310 902-8690; [unable to allocate on agenda]

(i) Request to make an ANNOUNCEMENT at a Board meeting: Dear Board. On Friday 22, in the Los Angeles Times in the California Section, there was an article in reference to the Quimby fee funds that our City Controller Laura Chick has acknowledge of unspent fee funds collected from condominium builders, which at last years board a presentation was done by Mark Winters from Venice Peninsula. The General Board unanimously voted to proceed to go after an seek to find these funds belonging to Venice.

(ii) Request of Board to SEND A LETTER: There is on file that motion and written presentation, which I also dropped off at the Controllers office. Plus requested twice an interview with Ms. Chick, personally at her office, with the office of Rosendahl“s knowledge. There is $10 million apiece in three Districts in unspent funds. ONE IS OURS. That is for Venice. The board must decide to make a recommendation on how to proceed to get this funding with Rosendahl“s office. And maybe get a task force in place. This is of great urgency to start work on.

(iii) Request of Board to CONSIDER A MOTION: A motion is requested by the Board to:
A-Assign the proper people to this task force
B-Request from The District Office any recommendations, probably from Mark Antonio Grant if there are forms needed to fill out. And who would be the most qualify to do so to identify where this funds belong and are needed. This requires a team with knowledge on land issues for identification of funding. Mark Winters would be my choice. He brought it forward from the beginning. We need this group from the Peninsula. I am requesting from our President Mike Newhouse to give Mark Winters a call. Mark Winters put a lot of work into it with two other stakeholders per DeDe Audets recommendation. I will be gone until March 14, 2008. Any help I can be off, I will be happy to do so.

C Mike Newhouse: Plan for Councilmember Wendy Greuel at July 15 Venice Neighborhood Council Board Meeting to discuss the Transportation Strategic Plan. Will she be hearing from stakeholders on the plan while she attends? or is this more of a presentation and off to another meeting? writes: Hi, Linda. Yes, the Councilmember is going to present the Transportation Plan and can stay the entire meeting. I currently have 1 ½ hours blocked but please let me know if you need her longer than that. I am not sure about the structure of the meeting so I copied Nellie (Nell Abernathy, Communications Deputy) who can discuss this with you. She can be reached at (213) 473-7002. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you again soon.

D Linda Lucks: City of Los Angeles Public Works Board President Cynthia M. Ruiz encourages residents to let Department of Public Works speakers address neighborhood meetings about specific community services from illegal dumping removals to restoring streetlight outages.

E Stewart Oscars (310-305-8248; Would like to discuss, in the administration section of the administrative committee agenda, how we can better agendize board meetings. This would include location of agendized topics and adjusting meetings as they progress.

F Dennis Hathaway (310-399-3523; When the current bylaws were being adopted (Joe will remember this), an effort was made to institute an alternate voting system, whereby stakeholders could vote for multiple at-large candidates and rank those choices. I supported this effort, which was ultimately rejected by a majority of the bylaws committee, but I’m very interested in bringing it up again as a topic of discussion, because I firmly believe it could significantly increase interest in elections as well as address the fears (well-founded or not) that a single slate of candidates could dominate the election. However, the city clerk’s office will now be conducting elections, and I’m not sure how this would effect any possible change in NC election procedures. Any ideas, insights, etc. would be greatly welcome, because I’m very interested in building support and bringing an alternate voting system up before the rules and elections committee for its consideration.

G Consideration of DRAFT March 18, 2008 Board Agenda (see below)

Secretary comments based on analysis of agenda requests:

o Item 9CI: Recommend Outreach posting motion be framed for adoption as a standing rule.

7. Announcements & Public Comment on items not on the Agenda (15 min, no more than 2 minutes per person)

8. Adjourn

DRAFT – Board of Officers Meeting Agenda
Westminster Elementary School (Auditorium)
1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, 90291
Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at 6:00 PM

1. Call to Order and Roll Call

2. Approval of the Agenda

3. Approval of any outstanding minutes submitted by the Secretary

February 19, 2008 Board Meeting Minutes

4. Committee Reports (no more than 1 minute per report)

5. Scheduled Announcements (no more than 2 minutes per report)

A DONE, LAPD, Mayor and Council Office Reports

B Mike Newhouse (310 795 3768; 15 minute presentation and Q&A on LAX expansion/regionalization proposals by Congresswoman Jane Harman’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Marc Carrell.

C Mike Newhouse (310 795 3768; April “Policy Forum” on Affordable Housing. Experts on affordable housing laws and policy to present to LUPC, the Board and the public, to be followed by a second May Policy Forum on affordable housing modeled after the homelessness Town Hall.

D Dennis Hathaway (310-399-3523; The California Clean Money Campaign will conduct a joint Venice Neighborhood Council/Mar Vista Community Council Workshop (Date and place to follow)to gather feedback from board members and stakeholders on a system of full public financing of Los Angeles city elections.

E Challis Macpherson (310-822-1729; on behalf of Budget Committee: Earth Day art exhibition on the beach in June, funds for Steven Fiske.

F Challis Macpherson (310-822-1729; on behalf of Budget Committee: VNC pay for breakfast for Marine Band (and others) on Memorial Day on Ocean Front Walk.

G Challis Macpherson (310-822-1729; on behalf of Budget Committee: BBQ this coming summer at Oakwood Recreation Center, request from VNC Board of Officers’ Community Improvement Funds.

H Challis Macpherson (310-822-1729; on behalf of Budget Committee: Ocean Front Walk recycling receptacles – $2,300 on hold.

I Challis Macpherson (310-822-1729; on behalf of Budget Committee: LAPD Pacific Division Break room, TV bought. Thank you letter received.

J Challis Macpherson (310-822-1729; on behalf of Budget Committee: Last phase of Chrysalis Works on Rose Avenue. Chrysalis was contracted to clean Rose Avenue once a month.

6. Announcements & Public Comment on items not on the Agenda (15 min, no more than 2 minutes per person)

7. Old Business

8. Yancy Winifred from LADWP: One hour (7 to 8PM) forum & discussion of the proposed DWP rate hike.

9. Treasurers Report

10. New Business: (approx. 8:00 PM)

A From President

I Vote on Board vacancies

II Vote on LUPC vacancy

B From Rules & Elections Committee

I REC recommends (3-0-0) that Board clarify time frame for posting of minutes by adopting, & scheduling an election for stakeholder approval of, the below amendment to Article VI B 3 – Secretary – of the Bylaws:

Responsible for producing accurate minutes of Stakeholder, Board of Officers and Administrative Committee meetings and for submitting the minutes for public posting no later than seven (7) days after the meeting at which they are approved.

II REC recommends (3-0-0) that Board confirm current practice regarding amendment of Bylaws by adopting, & scheduling an election for stakeholder approval of, the below amendment to Article IX A 1 – Amendment by Board of Officers – of the Bylaws:

Requires a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the full Board of Officers …

III REC recommends (3-0-0) that Board increase LUPC from 9 to 13 members by adopting, & scheduling an election for stakeholder approval of, the below amendment to paragraph 2 of Article VII F of the Bylaws:

The Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC) shall consist of nine (9) thirteen (13) Stakeholders including the elected Chair. No Board Officer may serve as a LUPC member with the exception of the Land Use and Planning Committee chair. ; EXCEPT that, for the term ending October 2007, the LUPC shall include two (2) additional members who are Board Officers as nominated by the Board of Officers. Eight (8) Twelve (12) LUPC members shall be elected by the Board of Officers from a list of candidates who have formally communicated to the Board their desire to serve on the Land Use and Planning Committee. The Board shall, within thirty (30) days after beginning their term, hold a Board of Officers meeting for the election of LUPC members; EXCEPT that, for the term ending October 2009, the four (4) vacant positions shall be elected within thirty (30) days after the date that this amendment becomes effective. The eight (8) twelve (12) candidates with the highest vote totals shall be elected.

IV REC recommends (3-0-0) that Board enable the Neighborhood Committee to perform its mission by adopting, & scheduling an election for stakeholder approval of, the below amendment to Article VII B – Neighborhood Committee – of the Bylaws:

The Neighborhood Committee shall be considered established for all purposes upon election of seven (7) of the nine (9) neighborhood candidates. Other neighborhoods and/or Stakeholders representing other neighborhoods or neighborhood interests may then be added at the discretion of the Neighborhood Committee. The committee shall promote greater awareness of available City resources and services and act as a conduit between the Board and Venice neighborhoods, assisting in community outreach and bringing neighborhood issues to the attention of the Board.

C From Outreach

I Official Posting Places: It was moved and passed at the Outreach Meeting that took place on Jan 22, 2008 that the Board adopt the following as the official posting places of the Venice Neighborhood Council as listed in our certification papers with DONE:

• Vera Davis McClendon Center (610 California Avenue)
• Ground Works Coffee (671 Rose Avenue)
• The Venice Public Library (501 S Venice Blvd)
• Noah’s Bagels on Washington (548 Washington Blvd)
• Baby Blues Ribs on Lincoln (444 Lincoln Blvd.)

The Outreach Committee further recommends that posting places NOT be limited to the above list; “unofficial” posting places should be found in each VNC neighborhood as feasible.


I Challis Macpherson (310-822-1729; on behalf of LUPC: LUPC recommendation to send letter. Motion and draft letter to be presented to ADCom at March 10th meeting.

II Challis Macpherson (310-822-1729; on behalf of LUPC: LUPC recommendation and proposed motion to be presented March 10, 2008 at AdCom meeting.

III Challis Macpherson (310-822-1729; on behalf of LUPC: In the matter of 251 Market Street, ZA 2007-5515 ZAD. LUPC motion and draft letter available at March 10, 2008 AdCom

IV Challis Macpherson (310-822-1729; on behalf of LUPC: In the matter of 728 Indiana and 732 Indiana, AA 2007-5250 PMLS SL, ENV 2007-5251 EAF, ZA 2007-5263,CDP SPP ZAA MEL, and AA 2007-5253 SL, ENV 2007-5254 EAF, ZA 2007-5292 CDP SPP ZAA MEL. LUPC motion and draft letter available at March 10, 2008 AdCom.

V Challis Macpherson (310-822-1729; on behalf of LUPC: On the matter of 338 Rennie Avenue, AA 2007-4956 PMLA LUPC motion and draft letter to be delivered to AdCOm meeting March 10, 2008.

E From Budget Committee

I Challis Macpherson (310-822-1729; on behalf of Budget Committee: Request funding of $4,600.00 to fund BBQ at Oakwood Recreation Center which would be an outreach event for entire Venice. Budget committee unanimously approved this item. Supporting documents – budget, community outreach statement or community improvement benefit statement to be provided at AdCom meeting

II Challis Macpherson (310-822-1729; on behalf of Budget Committee: Budget committee unanimously approved a $3000 request from Stephen Fiske, stakeholder, representing Venice Eco-Fest 2008 to purchase a Silver Sponsorship of this event. Supporting documents, budget, etc. to be provided at AdCom meeting March 10, 2008.

III Challis Macpherson (310-822-1729; on behalf of Budget Committee: Change name of Standing Committee BUDGET, FINANCE & FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE to either BUDGET COMMITTEE or BUDGET & FINANCE COMMITTEE.

F From Board Members

I DeDe Audet (310-821-4417; on behalf of ‘Memorial Day at Muscle Beach in Venice’:
I request the board to consider supporting a breakfast at a cost of approximately $500 for the U.S. Marine Corps Band on Memorial Day, Monday, May 26, 2008. Either the Marching Band or the Jazz Ensemble will play at Muscle Beach on Sunday, May 25, 2 to 4 PM and on Monday, 3 to 5 PM.

II DeDe Audet (310-821-4417; on behalf of the LANCC: [Request to send a letter or consider a motion – note = “Pending a finished document from LANCC”]

III Stewart Oscars (310-305-8248; I move that all task forces and working groups operating within the bounds of venice neighborhood council (VNC) be required to post public notices and locations of their meetings 72 hours in advance of said meetings. these notices shall be in conformance with established VNC posting policies.

IV Challis Macpherson (310-822-1729; Last year, the VNC voted to approve the establishment of a committee or a task force to ensure compliance with conditions on projects approved by the VNC. I don’t think anything came of this vote and want it revisited on the board level.

LUPC is obviously very interested in such a committee, so that we can be sure that developers are indeed complying with the conditions we impose. LUPE wants to ensure that this committee is formed, be aware of its staffing, and ensure that it actually happens.

G From Stakeholders

I Phil Raider: My Requests are as follows:

• That the LUPC be charged to determine the status of the MTA lot on Main Street.

• That the VNC establish a line of communication to Supervisor Yaroslavsky’s office.

• That the VNC take a position opposing any swap of the property to a for-profit, private developer.

• That the Board make public any findings re the property within the next 60 days.

II Scott & Jamie Ginsburg: Rose Avenue Beautification Program.

As you may recall, last year we applied for and the VNC funded an initiative to beautify and clean up Rose Avenue. We worked in conjunction with Chrysalis to create a program that calls for monthly maintenance and cleaning of Rose Avenue between Main Street and 7th Street. The program also includes watering for all trees planted by the City of LA Urban Forestry Division. The program is currently ongoing and is funded through the Spring of 2008 by the VNC.

The results of the program have been very positive and we would like to continue the program. Last year the VNC committed to fund approximately $8,500 for the year. It has come to my attention that applications for the Community Improvement Projects are due today so, I wanted to inquire whether we need to apply through this program or if the VNC has allotted the same funds for another year of Rose Avenue maintenance. In summary, will the program roll over for another year of funding based on the initial application and results of the program?

III Todd von Hoffmann (310-398-9231; on behalf of the Venice Heritage Foundation: Request of Board to send a letter to Councilman Rosendahl and/or “To whom it may Concern”, supporting the Venice Heritage Foundation’s efforts to establish a Venice Heritage Museum along the lines of the Red Car Historical Museum in Seal Beach. Letter is:

On behalf of the VNC, I’m pleased to add my support to The Venice Heritage Foundation. Their mission statement – “Envisioning a Venice History Museum” – focuses on an important goal for our community. Abbot Kinney’s “Venice of America” has had a full and fascinating life and that continuing story deserves to be shared. While the need for a museum heritage center has often been discussed over the years, the VHF was created solely with this purpose in mind. The founding members – all lovers of things Venice – include collectors, successful community volunteers, and, significantly, noted author and historian Elayne Alexander.

The VHF plan is particularly exciting. It calls for the restoration of an original Pacific Electric Red Car to serve as the initial museum space to be located in Centennial Park by the Abbot Kinney Public Library. The Seal Beach Museum has demonstrated the success of this idea with their own Red Car museum and public library residing similarly (and very appropriately) on old Pacific Electric right-of-way property.

The Foundation has located a 100 year old Red Car (PE511) ready for a home and restoration volunteers are standing by. The restored trolley itself will evoke a charming period of our history and add another treasured sight along our gateway to Venice. The VHF plan tastefully suggests an additional adjunct building replicating the old pagoda-style PE substation that used to stand nearby along Venice Blvd. called “The Tokio Station”.

The museum space will be available to all local collections, public and private, and serve an important community function for residents, visitors, scholars, and students. We can’t think of a better use for this property – a celebration of our incredibly interesting past and a legacy for our future.

At a time when the Neighborhood Councils increasingly help shape city decision-making, it is important that stakeholders and others with business before the VNC are ensured an open and transparent process.

The City of Los Angeles currently lacks a comprehensive policy on ex parte communications. Councilmember Wendy Greuel, in her motion of Oct. 12, 2007 to develop such a policy, said:

“It is incumbent upon the Los Angeles City Government to make clear that there is transparency in how decisions get made. It is the foundation of our democracy that Angelenos believe that decisions are made on behalf of the people not the powerful.”

In order for the VNC to operate with the appearance and substance of transparency, we request that the appropriate committee or the board consider the following motion.

We move that the VNC adopt these standards:

1) Ex parte communications on any agendized item, engaged in by any Neighborhood Board Officer or member of the Land Use and Planning Committee, must be made public within 48 hours on the VNC website.

2)This applies to communication between members of the Board of Officers and/or members of LUPC on the one hand, and on the other hand applicants for project approvals, governmental officials and/or others with a direct interest in the project.

3)The disclosures must include meeting dates, identities of the participants, and the substance of the communication.

4) Ex-parte disclosures on a development project will be posted with the rest of the project’s information on LUPC’s section of the VNC website. The VNC will determine the process for making and posting the disclosures.

5) Ideally, if ex parte communication takes place on a project that has not yet been submitted to the VNC or LUPC, such disclosures must nevertheless be posted under a special heading on the website.

6) When the particular topic is before the VNC Board, LUPC, or other standing committees, members of those bodies who have had ex parte communication are also required to make the disclosure public verbally at the opening of the agenda item.

7) Officers or committee members who fail to duly report such ex parte communications are disqualified from official participation on the subject.

11. Announcements & Public Comment on items not on the Agenda (15 min, no more than 2 minutes per person)

12. Adjourn (approx 10:00PM)


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