Mass, Scale and Character Ad Hoc Committee

Chair: Sue Kaplan


Dede Audet
Rochelle Branch
Joe Clark
Sarah Dennison
Eileen Pollack Erickson
Brian Finney
Inge Mueller
Phil Raider

MISSION STATEMENT: The Mass, Scale, and Character Ad hoc Committee will study the application of requirements for new development in the Coastal Zone to be compatible with existing neighborhoods in mass, scale, and character as mandated by the VCZSP and related planning documents. It will meet with, and solicit input from residents of the Venice Coastal Zone, city officials, and other interested and relevant people in order to research standards and protocols by which these issues may be evaluated in new Coastal Development Projects in order to implement the intent and letter of the governing planning documents in the most fair and practical manner. The conclusions of this Committee will be reported directly to the Venice Neighborhood Council Board. The Committee shall automatically terminate after one year or the seating of a new VNC Board, whichever occurs first.

Meeting Information

2012 Mass, Character and Scale Committee Meetings

Agenda Minutes Recording
Oct. 11, 2012
Nov. 15, 2012
Dec. 6, 2012 Minutes

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