GRVNC Ocean Front Walk Committee Meeting Agenda

h3. The OFW Committee will meet Friday morning, March 17 at the Oakwood Recreation Center to discuss the pending implementation of the new boardwalk ordinance scheduled to into effect on March 25. Representatives from City agencies and boardwalk constituent representatives will be present to explain the new rules and the program. All stakeholders are invited. h1. Agenda h4. I 8-8:10 Welcome and introductions -- Linda Lucks, Chair h4. II 8:10-8:40 Explanation of New Rules & Programs to Monitor Effectiveness of Ordinance -- City Attorney, Recreation & Parks Department h4. III 8:40-9:10 Enforcement and Appeals procedures -- LAPD/City Attorney/Recreation and Parks Department h4. IV 9:10-9:25 Public Comment h4. V 9:25 Set next meeting date h4. VI 9:30 Adjourn