VNC Administrative Committee Meeting Agenda

07/07/2008 - 7:00pm
07/07/2008 - 9:30pm
Administrative Committee Meeting Agenda Extra Space Storage, Presidents Row Room 658 South Venice Blvd, Venice, 90291 Monday, July 7, 2008 at 7:00 PM Note: The Administrative Committee does not address or consider the merits of proposed agenda items. Its function is to determine whether a proposed agenda item will be placed on the next Board Meeting agenda, postponed, referred to a specific committee for review and recommendation, treated as an announcement, or considered and resolved as a non-Board administrative matter. 1. Call to Order and Roll Call 2. Approval of the AdCom Agenda 3. Approval of any outstanding Administrative Committee minutes submitted by the Secretary June 9, 2008 Administrative Committee Meeting Minutes (see 4. Announcements & Public Comment on items not on the Agenda (15 min, no more than 2 minutes per person) Andy Flores, LA Bureau of Engineering: The purpose is to inform/brief you of our proposed Proposition O Program, Grand Boulevard Stormwater Best Management Practices Project, to be constructed in the Venice area. I had previously sent a briefing email to De De Audet back in September 2007. Update Project construction contract was awarded by the Board of Public Works to Andrew Papac and Sons in the amount of $401,796.65 on May 28, 2008. Construction should start sometime in July/August 2008. The construction duration for this project is estimated at 100 working days. This period includes time for the fabrication and acquisition of the filtering devices and other materials. Actual days of physical construction are anticipated to be considerably less. Our plan is to minimize traffic inconvenience and to provide local traffic access at all times, nonetheless, minor inconvenience may be experience some from time to time. Project Description / Purpose The Grand Boulevard Stormwater Best Management Practices Project is funded by Proposition O funds and is located in the Venice area, which was identified as a project site location in the Santa Monica Bay Beaches Bacterial Implementation Plan Total Maximum Daily Load. The project will treat dry weather stormwater flow (spring and summer) and a portion of wet weather flow (winter) along Abbott Kinney Boulevard and Grand Boulevard, reducing the amount of bacteria and pollutants discharged into the Santa Monica Bay. The project aims to help meet a 10% bacterial reduction in the TMDL imposed by the State from wet weather flows by July 2009 by treating runoff from a total drainage area of 6.8 acres. The Filterra® system will provide an effective means of pollutant removal, and will be installed at seven locations in the sidewalk or parkway adjacent to the street as follows. Site 1: Abbott Kinney Boulevard at Aragon Court (Southwest Corner) Unit Box Size: 6'x8'; Site 2: Abbott Kinney Boulevard at Palms Boulevard (Northeast Corner) Unit Box Size: 6'x6'; Site 3: Rialto Avenue at Alhambra Court (Northwest Corner) Unit Box Size: 4'x6.5'; Site 4: Grand Boulevard at Riviera Avenue (Northwest Corner) Unit Box Size: 6'x12'; Site 5: Grand Boulevard at Riviera Avenue (Northeast Corner) Unit Box Size: 6'x12'; Site 6: Grand Boulevard at Riviera Avenue (Southwest Corner) Unit Box Size: 6'x12'; Site 7: Grand Boulevard at Riviera Avenue (Southeast Corner) Unit Box Size: 6'x6'. Filterra® Stormwater Bioretention Filtration System The Filterra® system is comprised of a concrete planter box, engineered soil media, a tree, and an underdrain pipe which connects downstream to an existing storm drain catch basin. Polluted stormwater enters the tree well, where trash and floatable solids settle out in the upper mulch layer, while the polluted water infiltrates the soil media. As the water filters through the soil, the pollutants are decomposed, volatized, and incorporated into the biomass of the plant. The treated stormwater then is collected in a perforated pipe underlying the soil media, and is discharged to the storm drain system via the existing adjacent catch basin. The only visible elements above ground in sidewalk or parkway are the tree, tree grate, and concrete slab. This system is specifically designed for urban environments, with high removal efficiencies for many pollutants such as bacteria, metals, sediments, and oil and grease. Projects similar to the this project have been implemented across the Mid-Atlantic region of the US with successful results Should you have any questions, or if I may be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at (213) 485-4496. Thank you, Andy Flores, P.E. Civil Engineer/Project Manager 1 Prop O Implementation Program Bureau of Engineering (213) 485-4496 (213) 485-3122 Fax Not sure what to do with this. Is it related to the above? From DeDe: Dear Mike, Please consider an early date for the commissioner to come here to address us. As you may know, I am still hurting from the refusal of the Prop O commission to consider comprehensive planning for stormwater runoff in Venice. Also, Prop O should be contributiing to the expense of trrash pickup near the ocean. Back to planniing, though. Suzie Sherod and I attended the RFP meeting conducted by DPW Engineering for comprehansive runoff planniing for the whole city, but I have neard nothing since about any report that should have emerged. So Paula Daniel's attendance here would give the community a chance to learn what DPW is doing for Venice. > -----Original Message----- > From: Richard Lee [] > Sent: Friday, May 30, 2008 3:50 PM > To: Richard Lee > Cc: Cora Jackson-Fossett; Diana Williams; Henry Ong; Jackie David; > Paula Daniels > Subject: COMMISSIONER AVAILABLE TO ADDRESS YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL > ONENVIRONMENTAL INITIATIVES > > City of Los Angeles Public Works Board Commissioner Paula Daniels > would like to address your Neighborhood Council at an upcoming meeting > about Department of Public Works environmental initiatives. The full > time, five-commissioner Board of Public Works manages the Department > of Public Works, the City's third largest municipal division, is > focused on the essential needs for a better quality of life and > environmental protection. > > As a Public Works Board member, Commissioner Daniels provides > leadership in the area of water quality, including watershed and urban > runoff management, and water re-use. She led the strategic planning, > creation and development of the Mayor's Million Trees LA program. She > also founded the Green Streets Committee and is leading efforts for > more environmentally sustainable designs for our streets and sidewalks. > > To schedule her as a speaker, contact the Board of Public Works Public > Affairs Office at 213 978-0333 or by email at" 5. Old AdCom Business A Administrative Matters: o Reminder re pdf software: Jed Pauker spoke with a rep at Bluebeam Software, which produces Bluebeam Revu, a very easy and comprehensive PDF markup application. Ira willing to procure educational seat of the Standard version for $30 per individual. o Website: (1) webpages for committees so that they can post agendas and minutes ? Community Safety, Environmental, Graffitti, Overnight Parking District, Homeless\RV, Fences & Hedges Working Group, Venice Parking, others?; (2) audio stream online the recordings of Board Meetings to accommodate desire for actual transcript; (3) downtime problem. B Yolanda Gonzalez (310 902-8690; [Postponed to July 7 AdCom mtg] (i) Request to make an ANNOUNCEMENT at a Board meeting: Dear Board. On Friday 22, in the Los Angeles Times in the California Section, there was an article in reference to the Quimby fee funds that our City Controller Laura Chick has acknowledge of unspent fee funds collected from condominium builders, which at last years board a presentation was done by Mark Winters from Venice Peninsula. The General Board unanimously voted to proceed to go after an seek to find these funds belonging to Venice. (ii) Request of Board to SEND A LETTER: There is on file that motion and written presentation, which I also dropped off at the Controllers office. Plus requested twice an interview with Ms. Chick, personally at her office, with the office of Rosendahl"s knowledge. There is $10 million apiece in three Districts in unspent funds. ONE IS OURS. That is for Venice. The board must decide to make a recommendation on how to proceed to get this funding with Rosendahl"s office. And maybe get a task force in place. This is of great urgency to start work on. (iii) Request of Board to CONSIDER A MOTION: A motion is requested by the Board to: A-Assign the proper people to this task force B-Request from The District Office any recommendations, probably from Mark Antonio Grant if there are forms needed to fill out. And who would be the most qualify to do so to identify where this funds belong and are needed. This requires a team with knowledge on land issues for identification of funding. Mark Winters would be my choice. He brought it forward from the beginning. We need this group from the Peninsula. I am requesting from our President Mike Newhouse to give Mark Winters a call. Mark Winters put a lot of work into it with two other stakeholders per DeDe Audets recommendation. I will be gone until March 14, 2008. Any help I can be off, I will be happy to do so. B Yolanda Gonzalez (310 902-8690; We need to post and reach out to the Pennisula stakeholders. Two places that come to mind is Chakra Spa, and Starbucks on the corner of Pacific and Washington. Chakra Spa caters to a lot of the locals on that side. She is in the Portnoy building at 3401 Pacific Ave 1st floor. 6. New AdCom Business A Administrative Matters: o Waiting for Grant to provide missing information: A1. Your Name : Grant Francis A2. Phone Number : 310-216-9365 A3. Email Address : B. Committee/Organization for which request is made: Venice High School o Waiting for Noel to provide agenda request: -----Original Message----- From: Joseph Murphy [] Sent: Monday, June 23, 2008 8:54 PM To: 'Noel Weiss' Cc: '' Subject: RE: General Tenant Issues Raised in Public Comment at Last Venice N/C Meeting Hi Noel, Please complete an agenda request at to get this on the July AdCom agenda for consideration for placement on the July Board agenda. Thanks. Joe -----Original Message----- From: Noel Weiss [] Sent: Monday, June 23, 2008 12:26 PM To: Cc: Subject: General Tenant Issues Raised in Public Comment at Last Venice N/C Meeting Joe: This shall confirm my request that the Neighborhood Council adopt a policy on new projects of requiring developers to concurrently present a tenant mitigation package so that the Neighborhood Council has a chance to vote on both the project and the tenant mitigation conditions simultaneously. This is consistent with my intent and objective for the 'system' to try to demonstrate a little more respect, compassion, and love for the people impacted by these developments. I understand the need for development, and for growth and change. However, I believe we can change and grow without abandoning our core values. In all events, the community needs to debate and honestly reconcile the conflicting economic and social values which attend growth and change so, at a minimum, we can smooth out the rough edges for the people. The Planning Department has already accepted a portion of my ideas; having issued a directive to incorporate into tract map decision letters a separate shell for tenant mitigations which includes an affirmative duty to abide by the Ellis Act and the implementing legislation. A copy of Michael LoGrande's directive is attached for your information and files. It was issued on February 28th of this year. If the Council could, at its next meeting, consider directing LUPC to agendize and hear this idea, I'd appreciate it very much. The West LA Neighborhood Council has already adopted this policy. I would like Venice to be the second. I just met with Michael LoGrande and separately with Gail Goldberg on Friday to discuss the need to effectuate a similar administrative change for condo conversions. I am hopeful and expect that policy directive to be initiated within the next 45-60 days. Thank you Joe. Noel Weiss (310) 822-0239 Overlooked items for AdCom to consider o Consider Noel Weiss agenda request [see separate handout] o Consider ‘Restoration of VHS Myrna Loy statue’ request. [see separate handout] Grant Francis/Laura Ferre (; o Add ‘Draft 2008-09 Budget’ to Board agenda as item 8DII. [see separate handout] o Add ‘Swearing in of new board members’ to Board agenda as item 8EII. [IvanS] o Add ‘Consent Calendar’ idea to AdCom agenda under Administrative Matters.[MikeN] B Ratification: President's selections of co-chairs for the homeless/vehicular living committee. (Stewart Oscars) C Consideration of DRAFT July 15, 2008 Board Agenda (see below) 7. Announcements & Public Comment on items not on the Agenda (15 min, no more than 2 minutes per person) 8. Adjourn Draft – Board of Officers Meeting Agenda Westminster Elementary School (Auditorium) 1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, 90291 Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at 7:00 PM 1. Call to Order and Roll Call 2. Approval of the Agenda 3. Approval of any outstanding minutes submitted by the Secretary June 17, 2008 Board Meeting Minutes (see Committee Reports are provided in written form when available 4. Scheduled Announcements (no more than 1 minute per report unless otherwise stated) A DONE, LAPD, and other Governmental Reports B Mike Newhouse ( ? C Jill Prestup (310-967-5170; on behalf of Venice Historical Society: See attached information about Venice Historical Society and its goals. [JM/LL: postpone to July 7 AdCom mtg – NP recused] D Yolanda Gonzales (310-902-8690; a max. five to 10 min. presentation of the Garden tour observation, and interviews with young parents and their concerns, on the future education of their children. This are our new comers to the area and are paying well over the $12,000 to $15,000in property taxes. Venice is changing. I promise to make it worth the boards time. [postpone to July 7 AdCom meeting] 5. Announcements & Public Comment on items not on the Agenda (15 min, no more than 2 minutes per person) no board announcements A Ivan Spiegel (310-821-9556; Announcement of upcoming Community Improvement Projects/Events: Custom Bike Expo; Venice BBQ; Pacific Resident Theatre/Library program 6. Old Business (relating to Budget matters) A From Stakeholder I Michael (Micky) Schuman (310-571-0500 & 310-625-4681; & on behalf of Venice Beach Concert Series: Requesting a letter of endorsement and support for the Venice Beach Concert Series and also – “Any funding amount would certainly be appreciated, to help pay for security, entertainment, sound, cleanup, advertising, etc. Each concert Saturday may be anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 dollars. This is the first request of any kind and has not been voted on or reviewed by any body.” [Postpone to July 7 AdCom mtg] II Yvette Neal (310-204-2749 or cell at 310-420-9177; on behalf of Pacific Graffiti Solutions (PGS): PGS removes graffiti for most of the Greater West Los Angeles area and has done so for the past 5 years. [Refer to July Budget & July 7 AdCom mtgs] We are hoping to raise $100,000.00 to add additional crew members (and add second story graffiti removal) to our staff as graffiti has increase in the past year. PGS has drastically been affected by the increase of gas prices and the snow ball effect that has increased paint and other cost. There will be no increase in our budget (from public works) so we are forced to seek funding from other sources to combat the all around financial increases we are experiencing. We are asking for funding at or between $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 form all the Neighborhood/Community Councils in the area we service. As I'm sure you are aware of the public safety issues and the importance of prompt proficient, graffiti removal, these additional crews are essential to our 24 hour response time. III Todd von Hoffmann (310-398-9231; on behalf of the Venice Heritage Foundation: Request of Board to send a letter to Councilman Rosendahl and/or "To whom it may Concern", supporting the Venice Heritage Foundation's efforts to establish a Venice Heritage Museum along the lines of the Red Car Historical Museum in Seal Beach. Letter is: (see Exhibit A) [Postponed to 7/15 Board Mtg] On behalf of the VNC, I’m pleased to add my support to The Venice Heritage Foundation. Their mission statement - “Envisioning a Venice History Museum” - focuses on an important goal for our community. Abbot Kinney’s “Venice of America” has had a full and fascinating life and that continuing story deserves to be shared. While the need for a museum heritage center has often been discussed over the years, the VHF was created solely with this purpose in mind. The founding members – all lovers of things Venice - include collectors, successful community volunteers, and, significantly, noted author and historian Elayne Alexander. The VHF plan is particularly exciting. It calls for the restoration of an original Pacific Electric Red Car to serve as the initial museum space to be located in Venice. The Seal Beach Museum has demonstrated the success of this idea with their own Red Car museum and public library residing similarly (and very appropriately) on old Pacific Electric right-of-way property. The Foundation has located a 100 year old Red Car (PE511) ready for a home and restoration volunteers are standing by. The restored trolley itself will evoke a charming period of our history and add another treasured sight along our gateway to Venice. The VHF plan tastefully suggests an additional adjunct building replicating the old pagoda-style PE substation that used to stand nearby along Venice Blvd. called “The Tokio Station”. The museum space will be available to all local collections, public and private, and serve an important community function for residents, visitors, scholars, and students. We can’t think of a better theme than a celebration of our incredibly interesting past and a legacy for our future. B From Budget & Finance I Ed Ferrer (310-505-4220; Consideration and initial discussion of VNC Budget for 2008-2009. A vote to approve the Budget will be taken if time allows; otherwise it will take place at the July Board Meeting. (See Exhibits B & C – Draft 2008-09 Budgets 1 & 2) [JM/LL motion to postpone to 7/15 Board Mtg passed 11-1-1] C From President I Opposition to Automated Public Toilets: Motion in opposition to Automated Public Toilets ("APTs") on Ocean Front Walk due to health & safety concerns, and instead to approve community improvement funding, not to exceed $5000 towards hiring a not for profit organization to maintain & keep open existing restroom facilities on Ocean Front Walk beyond their current hours. Motion to also send a letter to Councilman Rosendahl asking him to provide at least $10,000 in double matching funds towards these ends. [Postponed to 7/15 Board Mtg] D From Outreach I Marc Saltzberg (310-305-9660; The Outreach Committee recommends the following policy [standing rule] regarding advertising/endorsement of third party groups: The Venice Neighborhood Council will publicize only VNC, City of Los Angeles, & VNC sponsored events where sponsorship is determined by the VNC Administrative Committee. [Postponed to July 7 AdCom mtg] 7. Treasurers Report accept report as presented 8. New Business A NC/LADWP MOU Oversight Committee I Challis Macpherson ( : Request Board approval of 2008-2009 PLATFORM The DWP Oversight Committee, OSC, representing 75 Neighborhood Councils who are certified signatories of the Agreement with LADWP, believes the following objectives can be achieved on behalf of the stakeholders. Respect and implement the five-year Memorandum of Understanding mutually agreed upon by the City of Los Angeles, acting by and through the Department of Water and Power, and authorized Neighborhood Councils, dated March 5, 2007. THE RECOMMENDATIONS LISTED BELOW ARE BASED ON OSC RESEARCH AND STUDY: No Water and Power rate increases should be considered by DWP until an independent auditor’s assessment has been presented to the NCs. The template process established by the City Council on October 26, 2005 (CFN 05-0548) shall be used. The DWP needs to implement the cost saving recommendations provided by Huron (BWG) over the past eight years. DWP needs to show that it is running an efficient operation. Audit reporting and surveys must look at the total picture as in the Industrial, Economic and Administrative five year survey, rather than the limited scope provided by past revenue requirement studies. The OSC recognizes DWP’s 10 years of infrastructure neglect and service reliability. OSC supports a DWP’s minimum five year plan to remediate the infrastructure as part of the required 10 year Capital Improvement Plan. OSC supports the City Council and the DWP Oversight Committees to ensure that the 07-08 base rate increase monies are directly applied to upgrade the infrastructure. The OSC recommends that the City Council not allow multi-year rate increases, but control or cap cost adjustment pass-through charges, particularly with respect to “run away green” energy source projects. The OSC recommends that DWP General Fund transfer should be based on true excess of operation funds, as with corporate stock dividends. The transfer should not be used as a method to compensate for LA City shortages. DWP bonds should not be used, directly or indirectly, to enable transfers to the City’s General Fund. The OSC does not recommend money, labor or product transfers to the Mayor, City Councilmembers or to City Departments’ for non-core utility projects. The OSC recommends that the City Council’s independent DWP Oversight Committee be implemented immediately. The OSC members should be eligible to participate on the DWP Board of Commissioners’ Committees as well as Citizens’ Oversight Committees. The OSC should be notified when the two committees meet and when the selection of the membership has been made. THE OSC RECOMMENDS THAT DWP IMPLEMENT A DEPARTMENT-WIDE WORKFORCE PLANNING SYSTEM, AS ELABORATED BY INDEPENDENT CONSULTING STUDIES TO REDUCE PAYING EXCESSIVE WAGES AND SALARIES. Labor Costs: DWP salaries are 15%-40% above comparable classification in City departments and in other public and private utilities nationwide. Overtime: In each of the past two years, the overtime has been approximately 19% of base labor costs. Huron recommends reducing these costs to 10%. Union Negotiations: OSC recommends that DWP negotiate vigorously on behalf of the ratepayers to keep wages within the surrounding utility norms. THE OSC RECOMMENDS HIRING AN INDEPENDENT RATE PAYERS’ ADVOCATE, AT CITY EXPENSE, TO PROVIDE ADVICE AND COUNCIL IN FURTHERANCE OF THE AIMS OF THE INTRA-CITY MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN CERTIFIED NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCILS AND LOS ANGELES DEPARTMANT OF WATER AND POWER. An independent advocate could provide continuity and institutional memory for the City and Neighborhood Councils. B From Rules & Elections Committee p=. Key: [deleted] & added p((((. I REC recommends (3-0-0) that Board clarify time frame for posting of minutes by adopting, & scheduling an election for stakeholder approval of, the below amendment to Article VI B 3 – Secretary – of the Bylaws: p((((. Responsible for producing accurate minutes of Stakeholder, Board of Officers and Administrative Committee meetings and for submitting the minutes for public posting no later than seven (7) days after the meeting at which they are approved. p((((. II REC recommends (3-0-0) that Board confirm current practice regarding amendment of Bylaws by adopting, & scheduling an election for stakeholder approval of, the below amendment to Article IX A 1 – Amendment by Board of Officers – of the Bylaws: p((((. Requires a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the full Board of Officers … p((((. III REC recommends (3-0-0) that Board increase LUPC from 9 to 13 members by adopting, & scheduling an election for stakeholder approval of, the below amendment to paragraph 2 of Article VII F of the Bylaws: p((((. The Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC) shall consist of [nine (9)] thirteen (13) Stakeholders including the elected Chair. No Board Officer may serve as a LUPC member with the exception of the Land Use and Planning Committee chair. [; EXCEPT that, for the term ending October 2007, the LUPC shall include two (2) additional members who are Board Officers as nominated by the Board of Officers. Eight (8)] Twelve (12) LUPC members shall be elected by the Board of Officers from a list of candidates who have formally communicated to the Board their desire to serve on the Land Use and Planning Committee. The Board shall, within thirty (30) days after beginning their term, hold a Board of Officers meeting for the election of LUPC members; EXCEPT that, for the term ending October 2009, the four (4) vacant positions shall be elected within thirty (30) days after the date that this amendment becomes effective. The [eight (8)] twelve (12) candidates with the highest vote totals shall be elected. p((((. IV REC recommends (3-0-0) that Board enable the Neighborhood Committee to perform its mission by adopting, & scheduling an election for stakeholder approval of, the below amendment to Article VII B – Neighborhood Committee – of the Bylaws: p((((. The Neighborhood Committee shall be considered established for all purposes upon election of seven (7) of the nine (9) neighborhood candidates. Other neighborhoods and/or Stakeholders representing other neighborhoods or neighborhood interests may then be added at the discretion of the Neighborhood Committee. The committee shall promote greater awareness of available City resources and services and act as a conduit between the Board and Venice neighborhoods, assisting in community outreach and bringing neighborhood issues to the attention of the Board. p((((. V Challis Macpherson (, on behalf of Budget Committee, recommends that Board adopt, & schedule an election for stakeholder approval of, the amendment of Article VII D to change the name as follows: p((((. [Budget, Finance and Fundraising Committee] Budget and Finance Committee. C VNC Board/LANCC representative I Challis Macpherson ( : Request Board approve charter changes in Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Congress (LANCC) which will be submitted to AdCom later. (Want to get accurate wording for the board.) D From Budget & Finance I Ivan Spiegel (310-821-9556; Hiring a bookkeeper to keep the financial records of the VNC. This is on the agenda for the Budget Committee which doesn't meet until Thursday. I expect that they will set an exact dollar request. This will relieve some of the workload for the Treasurer. E From President I Election of a new VNC Treasurer. F From Neighborhood Committee I Linda Lucks (310-450-2554; Ggary lives in the grand canal VSP area and wishes an appointment to the Neighborhood Committee. The 2nd part of the agenda item is to transfer Nic Hippisley Coxe to formally represent NORO in this Committee: Venice Neighborhood Council…Please find attached VNC application from Gary Schaffel…Should you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us…Aloha, Nalani Wong | Executive Assistant to Gary Schaffel SCHAFFEL Development Co., Inc. | Builders Since 1977 15235 Burbank Blvd., Suite C Van Nuys, CA 91411 O: 818.787.2771 F: 818.787.0265 II Ivan Spiegel (310-821-9556; Reallocation or extension of funds for Venice Annualle. The funding period for this event has expired. I expect to have a letter from Robin Murez before the meeting about whether she wants to request an extension. III Ivan Spiegel (310-821-9556; Allocation of $450 to "Project 19": The Board voted to allocate $39,545.50 for Community Improvement Projects (the Neighborhood Committee felt that the remaining $450 from the original $40,000 would not be enough to complete the next project). At the June Board meeting one of the applicants "returned" $350. This rolls down to the next project. If combined with the unallocated $450 there would be enough for "Project 19 - Crysalis" to do something. The line item is already in the Budget (doesn't need Budget Committee approval) but needs a vote of the Board. G From LUPC I Challis Macpherson ( on behalf of LUPC: To approve recommendation of LUPC regarding Marina Pacific Hotel, LUPC Staff Robert Aronson, 1697 South Pacific Avenue, APCW-2008-317-SPE-ZV-CUB-CDP-SPP, ENV 2008-318 EAF.: II Challis Macpherson ( on behalf of LUPC: To approve recommendation of LUPC concerning 303-305 Venice Way, Case Number 2006-8708 CDP SPPA SPP MEL, AA 2006-8619 PMLA (parcel map division). H From Outreach I Marc Saltzberg (310-305-9660; The Outreach Committee recommends the following policy [standing rule] regarding advertising/endorsement of third party groups: The Venice Neighborhood Council will publicize only VNC, City of Los Angeles, & VNC sponsored events where sponsorship is determined by the VNC Administrative Committee. 9. Announcements & Public Comment on items not on the Agenda (15 min, no more than 2 minutes per person) 10. Adjourn (approx 10:00PM) p=. Exhibit A – Venice Historical Society ABOUT US – Our Purpose and Our Mission Venice, California is a unique part of Los Angeles, with one of the richest histories. Twenty years ago, a small group of Venice residents joined forces to organize the Venice Historical Society (VHS). At the time, the founders were aware that the historic significance of the area was often overlooked and many of the structures and cultural memories of Venice were in danger of disappearing. Since its founding in 1986, the Venice Historical Society has been actively working to increase public awareness of Venice’s irreplaceable historic, cultural, and architectural resources. Its goals are to gather and disseminate information for the preservation of the structures and neighborhoods that make Venice unique and to engage in activities that promote the unique, historic feel of Venice. For 20 years, the VHS has been holding regular public meetings, which featured speakers ranging from the families of their founding fathers, to artists, poets, and historians, anyone who provided insight into the unique diversity of Venice’s rich history. The VHS has educated the community through their regular publication of The Journal, a highly regarded newsletter featuring articles, often written by well-known historians, which advance the public’s awareness of historic events in Venice. In addition, the Society has held historic house tours, walking tours of Venice, and special archival showings. Recently, VHS received a State Resolution and a Congressional Proclamation commending our work. OUR GOAL – A Venice Historical Society Museum The Venice Historical Society has amassed a large archival collection of photographs, documents, magazines & newspapers, postcards, artifacts, and historic memorabilia. Many oral interviews, recorded on tapes and videos, have been conducted with the Kinneys, Tabors and long-time residents, as a way of documenting Venice’s history. We have acquired many types of presentation cases and file cabinets for our archives. All these items need a permanent home. OUR PROPOSAL – To Establish a Permanent Site in the Venice-of-America Centennial Park or in the Vacant Parcel of Land between the City Building at 681 Venice Boulevard and the Venice Fire Station #63. Our proposal is to purchase and renovate an old railroad car, complete with tracks, or build a replica of a Pacific Electric ticket station, and secure it in the Venice-of-America Centennial Park, on the body of land adjacent to the Abbot Kinney Memorial Venice Library. (See Bureau of Engineering map attached); or in the Vacant Parcel of Land between the City Building at 681 Venice Boulevard and the Venice Fire Station #63. • Venice-of-America Centennial Park measurements: At the widest point, between north & south Venice Blvd. is 120’, tapering to 40’. The entire Park is approximately 420’. • Railroad Car replication: Various companies replicate rail cars at approx. $550,000 • Railroad Car renovation: Purchasing a skeleton car (W 9’ 4 1/2” x L 48’ 10” x H 12’ 6 1/2”) would be approx. $2500. Renovating a car to ADA Standards would cost approx. $80,000 - $100,000 • Replication of Railway Ticket Station Building estimated costs: 20’ x 30’ building, built to ADA Standards would cost $180,000 ($300 per sq. ft.). OUR LOCATIONS – Their Importance and Significance This median between north and south Venice Blvd. was the home of the original Pacific Electric Railway which operated in the 20s through the 60s with 934 miles of track in the Los Angeles area. The city lot between 681 Venice Blvd. and Fire Station #63 is surrounded by culturally, historic buildings adjacent to the old railroad route that operated on Venice Blvd. p=. See agenda in .doc format below for Exhibits B & C


Extra Space Storage, Presidents Row Room
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