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Ira Koslow, Chair
Mariana Aguilar
Joe Murphy


Meetings are scheduled for the fourth Wednesday of each month at Extra Space Storage (Community Room), 658 Venice Blvd., Venice, 90291.


Chaired by Community Officer as nominated by the Administrative Committee, subject to approval of the Board of Officers. Organizes and executes elections. Proposes Election Procedures and Standing Rules to the Board of Officers. Holds grievance hearings and makes findings and recommendations to the Board (Bylaws Article VII C). The Rules and Elections Committee has also become the focus for drafting non-substantive amendments to the ByLaws. Substantive amendments, as determined by the Administrative Committee, will normally be considered by an Ad Hoc Bylaws Committee created for that purpose when needed (Bylaws & Standing Rules).

Grievance Definition & Procedure

Any Stakeholder who is adversely affected by a decision of the Board of Officers may submit a written Grievance to the Secretary. All grievances shall be referred to the Rules and Elections Committee for review and recommendation to the Board of Officers. The Board shall review the grievance and committee findings. All grievances shall be reviewed and appropriate action taken not more than sixty (60) days after receipt of the grievance (Bylaws Article V C).

Standing Rule 12 (below) also applies:

  • The Chair of the Rules and Elections Committee (REC) has discretion to determine whether a grievance is actionable. Any grievance not alleging an adverse affect by a decision of the Board shall be deemed non-actionable, denied by the Chair with prejudice, and forwarded to DONE without a hearing.
  • An actionable grievance shall be heard by a panel of not more than five Board members appointed by the Chair of the REC. It shall be heard and disposed of by the Board within the applicable 60-day timeframe as stated in Article V C of the ByLaws. The hearing of a grievance by such a panel is not subject to the Brown Act.
  • A hearing conducted by an REC Chair appointed individual or a panel of individuals shall be informal and shall use a set of procedures determined by and at the discretion of the panel of Board members hearing the matter except that the set of procedures shall include: (i) a limited amount of uninterrupted time not to exceed five minutes for each party to present his/her perspective; (ii) time for questions of the parties by the hearer(s); and (iii) time for discussion by the hearer(s) to reach a decision. The decision shall include findings and a determination to be recommended to the Board for its review and disposition.
  • The parties to an actionable grievance (ie, the aggrieved persons or persons and the person or persons who are alleged to have acted so as to aggrieve the aggrieved person or person) may agree in writing, delivered to the Chair, to have the matter heard or mediated by an individual or a panel of individuals selected by and agreeable to them, in which case the timing and decision of the matter shall be final and not subject to further review by the REC or the Board. If the parties agree to mediation which fails to achieve a settlement, the mediation shall immediately be converted into a hearing and disposed of under the terms of this paragraph. In conducting a hearing, the persons hearing the matter are encouraged to use, at a minimum, the procedures outlined above, modified in their discretion to meet the needs of the situation.

NOTE: See Standing Rule 13 for procedures dealing with complaints regarding Board Member violations of VNC Principles of Representation. See the Brown Act and the City of Los Angeles Code of Ethics for procedures dealing with violations of these laws which preempt, and therefore preclude, the VNC and its Rules and Elections Committee from duplicating the remedies and procedures provided therein.

2012 REC Meetings

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2008 REC Meetings

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2007 REC Meetings

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2006 REC Meetings

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2005 REC Meetings

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2004 REC Meetings

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