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  • Sewer work taking place in Venice! Click HERE to see the City’s announcement and map of projects. Construction will take place from spring 2012 through summer 2013; generally from 7am until 4pm Monday through Friday, and from 9am until 3:30pm on major streets.

  • Pacific & Brooks; Residents, VNC and City work to Improve Traffic Safety – The Venice Neighborhood Committee has been working on the problem of traffic accidents at the intersection of Brooks and Pacific – but we need your help!. Click HERE to read the rest of the story.

Our Mission

The committee shall promote greater awareness of available City resources and services and act as a conduit between the Board and Venice neighborhoods, assisting in community outreach and bringing neighborhood issues to the attention of the Board.

Be on the Neighborhood Committee!

The Venice Neighborhood Council is accepting applications for the VNC Neighborhood Committee. To view the application and learn more about the application process see:

Neighborhood Committee Application

Neighborhood Committee Members

Committee Member Area Represented
Marc Saltzberg Chair
Adam Glick Marina Peninsula – Northeast
Bill Boyd Siver Strand
Colleen Saro Venice Beach – North: Windward to Rose
Daffodil Tyminski Oakwood – West: Westminster to Navy, Pacific to Abbot Kinney
DeDe Audette Oxford Triangle
Jerry Jaffe Milwood
Jessica Martinez Venice Beach – Central: 26th to Windward
Member Needed Marina Peninsula – Northwest
Jay Cole Venice Canals
Margot Michon Walk Streets: Lincoln to Shell
Michael Nelson Windward Circle
Michael Stenger East of Lincoln: Rose to Palms
Nicholas Hippisley-Coxe NoRo: Lincoln to 5th
Robin Rudisill Venice Beach – South: Washington to 25th
Member Needed East of Lincoln – Central
Lydia Pelosi East of Lincoln – South: Zanja to Victoria
Member Needed Marina Peninsula – South
Antoinette Reynolds Oakwood – North: Brooks to Rose Corridor
Gogi Overhoff Oakwood – South: Broadway to California
Joshua Blacker Presidents Row
Member Needed Silver Triangle

Click HERE to download an application to serve on the committee

Click HERE to view a map of the Venice Neighborhood Committee Areas west of Lincoln.

Community Improvement Projects

The Neighborhood Committee is responsible for recommending Community Improvement Projects (CIP) to the Venice Neighborhood Council Board for funding. The VNC uses an innovative process for funding Community Improvement Projects. In the 2010 Fiscal Year $20,000 was awarded to eleven projects.

The Venice Neighborhood Council has allocated $13,200 in it 2012-2013 budget for Community Improvement Projects.

The application period for 2012-2013 projects is over and the VNC Board voted to accept the Neighborhood Committee’s recommendations at its July 17th meeting. Click to review the ranking and the applications.

Projects to be completed between February 1, 2012 and April 15, 2012 have been completed. See: for a list of projects.

Committee Organization and Structure

Chaired by the Vice President. Using the eight (8) existing neighborhoods defined in the Venice Specific Plan plus the additional neighborhood east of Lincoln Boulevard as a guide, the Committee shall consist of, at a minimum, nine (9) Stakeholders, one (1) from each neighborhood, plus the Chair. Nine (9) Neighborhood Committee members shall be elected by the Board of Officers from a list of candidates who have formally communicated to the Board their desire to serve on the Neighborhood Committee. The Board shall, within thirty (30) days after beginning their term, hold a Board of Officers meeting for the election of Neighborhood Committee members. The candidate with the highest vote totals in each of the nine (9) districts shall be elected. Other neighborhoods and/or Stakeholders representing other neighborhoods or neighborhood interests may be added at the discretion of the Neighborhood Committee.

Meeting Schedule

Meets on the fourth Thursday of the month. The meeting time will alternate from evening to morning each month as follows:

7:30PM for meetings in January, March, May, July, September, November
8:00AM for meetings in February, April, June, August, October, December

Meeting Location

  • EXTRA SPACE STORAGE, 637 South Venice Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

Meeting Information

Date Location and Agenda Minutes
January 24, 2013 Agenda
January 3, 2013 Agenda Minutes to be posted
November 29, 2012 Agenda Minutes
October 25, 2012 Agenda Minutes
September 27, 2012 Agenda Minutes
August 23, 2012 Agenda Minutes
July 26, 2012 Agenda
June 28, 2012 Agenda Minutes
June 13, 2012 Agenda Minutes
May 24, 2012 Agenda Minutes
April 26, 2012 Agenda Minutes
March 22, 2012 Agenda
February 23, 2012 Agenda Minutes
January 23, 2012 Agenda Minutes
May 21, 2007 Agenda Minutes
March 29, 2007 Agenda Minutes

FINAL VNCNeighborhoodCommitteeMinutes12.07.09.doc283 KB
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Final February1, 2010 NeighborhoodCommitteeAgenda.doc69.5 KB
May 3,2010 Neighborhood Committee Agenda .doc60 KB
Final March 8,2010 Neighborhood Committee FinalAgenda .doc63.5 KB
Agenda NHC 8-2-10.doc52.5 KB
minutes 9-13-10-word.doc62.5 KB
minutes 10-12-10-word.doc60 KB
minutes 11-23-10-word.doc61 KB
agenda 12-28-10-word.doc236 KB
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agenda march 22-11-word.doc62.5 KB
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agenda 4-25-11-word.doc56.5 KB
approved minutes 5-19-11-word.doc66 KB
approvedminutes June 14-11-word.doc59 KB
July 11, 2011 agenda .doc60 KB
July 11, 2011 approved minutes.doc63.5 KB
agenda August 23, 2011-11-word.doc64 KB
draft minutes August 23, 2011-11-word.doc66.5 KB
draft minutes August 23, 2011-11-word.doc67.5 KB
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