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Formation of Committees as of 2010 (for current site, click here)

Committees are created by either the Administrative Committee, the Board or the Bylaws. The purpose of each is to propose recommendations to the Board to adopt positions on issues considered by the committee.

Ad Hoc Committees may be established as deemed appropriate by the Board of Officers. Please refer to the Administrative Committee Webpage for information on how to complete and submit an Agenda Request to form a new Ad Hoc Committee.

Standing Committees as of 2010 (for current site, click here)

Administrative Committee

Sets agenda for Board of Officers and Stakeholder meetings. Can veto Ad Hoc Committee Chair appointments.

Neighborhood Committee

This committee promotes greater awareness of available City resources and services and acts as a conduit between the Board and Venice neighborhoods, assisting in community outreach and bringing neighborhood issues to the attention of the Board.

Rules and Elections Committee

Chaired by Community Officer as nominated by the Administrative Committee, subject to approval of the Board of Officers. Organizes and executes elections. Proposes Election Procedures and Standing Rules to the Board of Officers. Holds grievance hearings and makes findings and recommendations to the Board.

Budget and Finance Committee

Chaired by Treasurer. Oversees and administers all Venice Neighborhood Council financial matters, including system of financial accountability as required by DONE and the City of Los Angeles.

Outreach and Event Planning Committee

Chaired by Community Outreach Officer. Promotes stakeholder awareness of Venice community issues and participation in Venice Neighborhood Council activities. Organizes quarterly Stakeholder meetings and special events. Performs outreach to Stakeholders.

Land Use and Planning Committee

This committee shall review, take public input, report on and make recommendations of actions to the Board of Officers on any land use and planning issues affecting the community.

The Land Use and Planning Committee recommendations to the Board of Officers shall be in the form of a written report, which shall include a project description, pros & cons, a summary of community input and any LUPC findings.

Education Committee

This Committee has the general responsibility for addressing the issues, concerns, programs and services related to the education of children, youth, and adults and developing specific strategies and policies for influencing and achieving constructive outcomes within the schools, classrooms, and other education/learning centers that serve the Venice Community.

Ocean Front Walk Committee

This committee provides a forum for the diverse elements of the Venice stakeholder population to discuss and decide on issues that affect the Ocean Front Walk.

Arts Committee

This Committee has the general responsibility to support and encourage the arts in Venice.

Ad-hoc Committees as of 2010 (for current site, click here)

Public Safety Committee

Santa Monica Airport Committee

Environmental Committee

Visitor Impact Committee

Discussion Forum Committee

Mass, Character and Scale Committee

Past Ad-hoc Committees


Homelessness & Vehicular Occupancy Committee

Overnight Parking District Committee

Graffiti Committee

Community Safety Committee

(No Current Webpage) Commercial Zone Parking Committee


(No Current Webpage) Fences & Hedges Committee

(No Current Webpage) Homeless Committee

(No Current Webpage) Recreational Vehicle Parking Committee


Grievance Committee

(No Current Webpage) Development Conditions Committee

Disaster Preparedness Committee

Animal Welfare Committee

(No Current Webpage) Stakeholder Survey Committee

(No Current Webpage) SR90 / Admiralty Way Widening Committee

(No Current Webpage) Wireless Committee


Bylaws Committee


Bylaws Committee

Grievance Committee

Housing Committee

Parking Committee

Venice Boardwalk Committee


Outreach Committee

Poverty and Homelessness Committee

Voting Method Committee