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AdCom/Board Agenda Request Form Instructions

To have a request for MOTION or an ANNOUNCEMENT considered at the next Administrative Committee meeting for placement on the next Board Meeting agenda, complete an AdCom/Board Agenda Request Form as instructed below, and submit it with all supporting documents on or before the first Tuesday of the month.

All supporting documents must be in digital format files and attached in an email to – type “AdCom/Board Agenda Request Supporting Document(s)” in the Subject line. Please prepare text documents in MS Word 2003 (.doc) format to facilitate incorporation into the Administrative Committee and Board Committee Agendas. Provide exact language you wish to appear on agenda in final signature-ready form including names, titles, and addresses of addressees and ccs.

A Request To Form An Ad Hoc Committee is a request for BOARD ACTION. It is a Motion and it is necessary to complete an AdCom/Board Agenda Request Form as specified above, including the information required under Standing Rule 1.

You must comply with Standing Rule 7. Please take the time to become familiar with Standing Rule 7 before submitting your request. Failure to comply could: (1) Prevent presentation of your request to the Administrative Committee; (2) Result in an Administrative Committee decision to remand your request to you without placing it on the Board Agenda.

NOTE: A request for MOTION that has not been reviewed by a VNC Committee is likely to be referred to an appropriate VNC Committee for review and recommendation before being placed on a Board Agenda. This may delay Board consideration of the request.